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Our organization offers to come into your classroom, church or civic organization meeting to provide education, training and demonstration.

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​Our Work in the Community

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 Harrisburg High School

October 2

Reitz High School

October 3

Gibson Southern High School

​October 12

Saturday, November 10

2nd Annual Superhero vs. Villain

Kickball Tournament

at Brittlebank Park

Mt. Vernon, IN

Thursday, December 6

5th Annual Posey County 

Foster Care Christmas!

First United Methodist Church

Mt. Vernon, IN



2nd Annual Superhero vs. Villain 

Community Kickball Tournament! 


Let's Take Away The Stigma

Bryson's Time Out Take Ten has achieved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status. 

Our mission is to keep infants and toddlers safe from harm by educating, informing and training parents and caregivers about Shaken Baby Syndrome.

This website is dedicated in memory of Bryson James Clardy (September 28, 2010 - February 14,  2011).

About Bryson

SUPERHERO vs Villain

Kickball Tournament

Saturday, November 10

​9:00 AM

Brittlebank Park

1200 Brittlebank Rd.

Mt. Vernon, IN

Hosted by Mount Vernon Parks & Recreation and Bryson's Time Out Take Ten. A family-friendly event FREE for spectators! A suggested donation for tournament players; however, no one will be turned away. Ages of play: 4th - 7th grades, 8th grade - Adult. All are encouraged to dress as favorite SUPERHERO or Villain.  Concessions will be available. No alcohol allowed. All proceeds will go to Bryson's Time Out Take Ten.  For youth and adult registrations go to : . Form your teams from near or far....and bring your best game! 

Bringing awareness to and aiding in the prevention of shaken baby syndrome

Take a break - don't shake 

Above, pictures from our 4th Annual Posey County Foster Care Christmas Party! There were approximately 275 in attendance. Everyone enjoyed a nice meal and dessert set to the backdrop of piano and song. A local magician, Mr. Sharpe, was there to entertain families and children as they waited to sit on Santa's lap and receive gifts. Due to privacy policies set forth by the Division of Child Services, we are prohibited from posting photos of foster children or those who fall under their umbrella of protection. 

Prevent Child Abuse America

Get Involved in the Life of a Child!

Members of the community participate in the Posey County Prevent Child Abuse and Division of Child Services Walk.  Get involved in your local chapter or start a chapter in your county by contacting your state office. Every child deserves a happy childhood!.

Every parent should know that it is OK to ask for help when caring for a baby. Our society needs to change its way of thinking when it comes to rearing our children. Just because you need support and assurance from a family member, friend, teacher, counselor, minister or neighbor from time-to-time does not make you a bad parent. It doesn't make you dumb. Nor does it make your baby a bad baby or your child a bad child. None of us know everything there is to know about infants and children. If we did, all research on the topic of children would cease to exist.

It takes all of us working together to raise healthy, joyful, upstanding citizens for our community and country. However, it all starts in the home. Our homes should be a safe haven for our little ones. It should be a place to feel secure from fear and outside elements. If that means asking for help to make it happen, then ask for the help. There is no shame in asking.

​Sandy Thompson BS, RT(R), CT

Facilitator - Bryson's T.O.T. 10